IBM “Teaching Respect” Pitch

In the past year, IBM has rolled out a new CSR anti-bullying initiative called “Teaching Respect” that teaches the importance of self-acceptance, respect and the celebration of differences in schools, community centers and nonprofit organizations that serve students ages 14 to 18. In my MEJO 490: Communications Consulting class, the Head of IBM Corporate Citizenship shared a request for proposal to convert the original campaign and program to a scalable college program. In teams, our class was tasked with a semester-long project to fulfill the RFP and present it to IBM reps, consultants at a worldwide communications firm, an IT executive, and the Dean of the UNC Journalism School.

After conducting primary and secondary research, my team created a three-stage program called “Rethinking Respect” that uses a psychological and creative approach to changing the behavior and perspectives of college students. The three stages of our program include “Defining Respect,” “Understanding Respect” and “Building Respect.”

See our program and pitch below!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.30.44 PM
The new logo we created for our program. My group rebranded “teaching respect” to be “rethinking respect” — something we felt would better resonate with college students and encourage people to participate in our program!


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