Johnson & Johnson Crisis Plan

During my time at the UNC School of Media and Journalism I took Crisis Communication. In this class, we were given companies as clients, who were going through different crises during the semester. My group was given Johnson & Johnson, as they were experiencing various multi-million dollar lawsuits due to alleged carcinogenic ingredients in their baby powder.

Our job, as crisis communication representatives for J&J, was to become experts in all aspects of the case, and effectively present our side of the story at an end-of-semester press conference. Attendees of the press conference included professors in the MEJO school, local PR professionals and students and professional reporters.

Below you can find the media kit and crisis communication plan that my group produced for the project.

Media Kit:

J&J Final Media KitJ&J Final Media Kit 2J&J Final Media Kit 3J&J Final Media Kit 4J&J Final Media Kit 5J&J Final Media Kit 6J&J Final Media Kit 7J&J Final Media Kit 8J&J Final Media Kit 9J&J Final Media Kit 10J&J Final Media Kit 11J&J Final Media Kit 12J&J Final Media Kit 13J&J Final Media Kit 14J&J Final Media Kit 15

Crisis Communication Plan:

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