Rumors Boutique Marketing Plan

This marketing plan for Rumors Boutique is one of the first campaigns I created at UNC. In my BUSI 406: Principles of Marketing class, we were tasked with choosing a local business that could use a revamped marketing plan and working with the owners and management to create and propose a plan that would result in higher brand recognition and ultimately higher sales.

Rumors Boutique is a vintage clothing store with three locations (VA, NC, and FL) that sells new and used clothing. Our goal was to create a plan that reached a broader customer base and resonated well within the community. By implementing this plan, Rumors could continue expanding not only in their current communities, but also new cities.

Rumors MktingRumors Mkting 2Rumors Mkting 3Rumors Mkting 4Rumors Mkting 5Rumors Mkting 6Rumors Mkting 7Rumors Mkting 8Rumors Mkting 9Rumors Mkting 10Rumors Mkting 11Rumors Mkting 12Rumors Mkting 13Rumors Mkting 14

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